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Walker Stalker Con

Today I'm going to the Walker Stalker Con, started by the guys who host the Walker Stalker Podcast. The convention is located at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey. You know that place where the Giants and Jets play football? It's by there.

If you're not hip to the lingo, Walker Stalker Con is a convention celebrating The Walking Dead and a general affection for zombie lore.

I'll certainly know more once I attend the convention but I'm certainly looking forward to it.


Dangerkid at New York Comic Con

Q: What is Dangerkid?
A: Dangerkid is a story about a child who sees the world different than others and when others say or do nothing, he can't.

Q: What makes him special?
A: Dangerkid is the secret identity of Danny Gerkid. His life was saved by an experimental drug that turned his fragile and frail bones and his paper thin skin to unbreakable and impenetrable.

Q: How does Danny deal with being different?
A: New Stories coming soon!!


Those Other People With Buckets Over Their Heads

For the 40 days of Lent Blood: Water Mission encourages people to drink nothing but water out of solidarity for those across the world who have limited access to clean drinking water. They walk miles through adverse conditions to get barely potable water. 

This is a cause I have donated to for years, and have been dedicated to for weeks at a time. I shutter to think what these men, women and children have to say about thousands of people dumping buckets of perfectly good water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS

To think that we can save this water and mail it to Africa is a ludicrous idea, so don't mistake my musings for lunacy, but in a world where water is scarce, can we all agree that dumping it over our heads to raise awareness for another cause could be seen as insensitive.  

I am not trying to implore you to donate to Blood:Water Mission, nor am I trying to get you to stop raising awareness for ALS, I just think that there is a better way. I know that the Ice Bucket Challenge is on the way out, but the next time a cause is trying to raise awareness, perhaps we can do it with a bit more couth.


A Bunch of A-Holes (Guardians of the Galaxy)

It's a Sunday morning in New York and a movie that I had been only mostly anticipating has hit theatres. You and I both know that movie is Guardians of the Galaxy starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana along with too many to list. Director James Gunn takes his first crack at a Marvel movie and by all accounts hits it right out of the park. So to cut to the chase, this movie was fantastic, but here are the many reasons why I think so.

I think the comedy of this movie is at the forefront of what made it so enjoyable. The dialogue between all the characters had the whole theatre in hysterics, and at times, just me. The comedy wasn't too subtle as to go over anyone's head (ha), and wasn't broad enough to make my eyes roll. Every character had plenty of funny lines, they weren't all reserved for Pratt, who comes from a comedy background. 

There are some people who object to stars like Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper lending their voices to characters when there are voice-actors who might do better jobs. Honestly, I feel that in this case, these two actors contributed a lot to their performances. One way more than the other, in that Bradley Cooper was very entertaining as Rocket and Vin Diesel didn't have many lines as Groot, but did his best bringing the character to life. 

The action in this movie was spectacular on many fronts. There are both scenes with hand to hand combat that is great, as well as long sweeping action shots that benefit from a great deal of CGI. There is a scene towards the end of the movie that reminds me of the last big action scene of Star Trek Into Darkness. 

I'm not going to say that it was the comedy of this movie that had me the most surprised. I think from the trailers it was apparent that this movie was going to both amaze you and make you laugh. There were two big surprises in this movie. Between the dramatic scenes and the soundtrack, I was both elated and depressed as hell. I guess at the end of the day it's both those aspects intertwined that add to the heart of this movie. I do not care to go into details just yet. You'll see the word spoiler in capital letters and hopefully stop there. 


This movie was amazing. It had all the makings of a classic movie, not a classic comic book movie, but a movie that will be revered for years to come. Between the comedy, the action, and the heart of it all, this movie is one of the strongest recommendations I have ever made. Go see it.


Ok, now that the children have gone to bed, it's time for the real story. This movie made me cry. I mean, cry a few times. At the beginning of the movie Peter Quills watches his mom die, coming to the end of what we can only assume is a long battle with cancer. The kid has no father, the mom has cancer, eh, had cancer and is now left orphaned. I haven't cried at the opening of a movie this bad since seeing Up, another Disney joint. 

This isn't necessarily a spoiler, but the dialogue of this movie wasn't that of a kids movie, and hardly that of a Marvel movie. It was that of a James Gunn movie. Look to his most popular outtings, Super and Dawn of the Dead(2004[ incase there was any confusion]). The dialogue was crisp and witty as all hell. I like how they didn't shy away from swear words, but at the same time only peppered them in. Glenn Close says "prick" after hanging up with someone on a video call. I mean, come on.

Gunn gives a less than subtle nod to Kevin Bacon in a scene where Star-Lord is explaining to Gamora the premise of Footloose. At the end of the movie, after saving the day, Gamora says ,"I feel like Kevin Bacon." Ridiculous. That's not a negative "ridiculous." That's the "absurdly or unbelievably good, bad, crazy" ridiculous. 

To just be the cherry on top of this Marvel, but not really Marvel movie, the end credit scene is Howard the Duck asking The Collector why he let the Russian space dog lick his face. Skip it. You're welcome. 

Bonus Features:

If you haven't seen, Disney is making a movie combining many beloved fairy tales called Into the Woods. Every time I see or hear the name of this movie, it makes me think one thing. Don't Go Into the Woods by Calibretto. It's obscure, but you're welcome. 



Oh Boy (Old Boy [2013])

Do you remember No Country for Old Men? That was one of the first movies to put Josh Brolin in the spotlight as well as Javier Bardem. Since that movie Bardem has gone on to some stinkers like The Counselor, but has also gone onto become one of the more memorable Bond villians in the last twenty years. Josh Brolin went on to act in Jonah Hex, Men in Black III, Gangster Squad and 2013's Old Boy. It's hard to say that Brolin is the common denominator in all these junky movies, but it appears to be so. I think I might have let the cat out of the bag on how I feel about Old Boy. But I think the title of the article gives that away as well.

Now that Old Boy has come to Netflix instant, I took advantage of the convenience and spent my Wednesday morning watching this freaky movie. Forget coffee, if you want something to wake you up in the morning, this might do just fine. 

To give you a synopsis of this movie might make it seem a little too fantastical. A drunk gets locked up in some sort of organized solitary, framed for the murder of his ex-wife and then released, with hopes of finding his daughter. 

It's hard to say what is and what is not a spoiler for this movie. I felt like I heard the spoiler a long time ago, so I'll not give it away now. When you get there, you'll just say w t f. It's quite easy to spoil this movie, so steer clear of any conversations about it. 

But I can tell you some of my favorite parts. I liked how over the twenty years, Joe played by Brolin, learns martial arts, and the moment he is released from his captivity, he goes to work and shows what he's learned. Throughout the back end of the movie, he is given ample opportunities to kick butt and he does so. It is choreographed very well, with Brolin apparently doing his own stunts. There is another action scene that takes place behind an elevator door, but the effect is still great. I think I'd enjoy the movie the same if it skipped most of the plot and revolved mostly around Joe kicking butt, Streets of Fury style. 

I can certainly think of better ways of spending 104 minutes than watching Old Boy. It's not that it's a bad movie, it's just one that I think is not worth my time, and probably not yours.